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Here are Wayne’s answers to YOUR questions… check out Facebook or Instagram on Monday for the next round of Band Member Q&A!!

Who’s harder: Hatebreed or Madball?
A: Both bands have written some of the most brutal riffs, but to me it doesn’t get any harder than Madball “Hold It Down”.

Whats your favorite Hatebreed song? And how hard would you mosh if Hatebreed covered Anger by Downset?
A: Tough question to answer, but I will go with Perseverance. And if Hatebreed covered Downset, I would represent to the fullest.

Boxers or briefs?
A: Briefs for life.

Boobs or butts?
A: Butts. I’m a soul man.

Who’s your celebrity crush?
A: Liv Tyler, Jennifer Connely, Claire Forlani, Emily Haines, Rosario Dawson

What’s your favorite Man Overboard song?
A: World Favorite

What got you into music??
A: Both of my parents are passionate music fans. Growing up, they were always playing me their records. Although they both can’t play an instrument, they always treated music like it was a religion. Except with music, there is no right or wrong answer, and that’s what I loved about it from the start. My parents got me into music super young, so as I grew up and had to start “conforming” I always favored music because it was and still is the only thing in this world that has never turned its back on me or told me that I was wrong. It has been my lens through which I see the world, and I couldn’t imagine life without it, even for a second.

Who is your favorite guitar player?
A: Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, George Harrison, Tom Petty, James Hetfield, Rivers and Brian Bell, Albert Hammond Jr, Dimebag, Conor Oberst, Chris Conley and Dave Soloway, Johnny Marr, Stephen Carpenter from The Deftones, Jade Puget from AFI, Mathias and Erik from Millencolin, Fletcher from Pennywise, Eric and El Hefe from NOFX, Tim and Lars from Rancid, Noel Gallagher, Steve Brooks from Floor and Torche, Matt Pike from High On Fire, Bernard Sumner from New Order, Jonsi from Sigur Ros, Brett Gurewitz, Man I could go on for days!

Are those bare knuckles in your black LP?
A: Yes they are. Both LP customs have a VHII humbucker in the bridge.

What’s your rig setup? What pedals do you use and whats your amp setting before playing? What amps and guitars do you mainly use live vs recording?
A: I am a Gibson and Marshall supporter. I have an assortment of pedals, but live I generally use a tube screamer, a DD7 tap tempo delay, maybe a chorus or a phaser, and either a boost or a rat for some fat tones. I don’t like wireless systems and will forever use a cable. Some people will say that it doesn’t make a difference, but to me it totally does in the sustain and bottom end. Plus, I’m not the dude that’s running around on stage, my feet are planted, and I’m in the groove. That’s where I belong.
I prefer to use 50 watt 2 volume control heads, so I generally push the first volume (pre amp) pretty hard and then the master volume knob I put around 4-5. As far as settings I crank the mids, put the bass around 6 o’clock, and then I usually move the treble somewhere between 4 and 6 o’clock and find the sweet spot between a flat tone and a bright tone. I like to use my presence knob as the treble. Basically, cut the treble out and use the presence to brighten it up.
I am a big fan of natural amp tone. I don’t like to use a lot of pedals to beef my amp up. I would rather let the amp do the work. More gain does not make your tone heavier, you gotta play that guitar with control and purpose. At the end of the day its all in the hands.
I play Les Pauls in the studio and Les Pauls live. Any Man Overboard song you have ever heard was tracked with a Les Paul. Except on Heart Attack, I used an ES 335 for one side and the Les Paul for the other side. Same goes with the tones we use Marshall amps and Marshall cabs loaded with greenback speakers. In my opinion if you use anything else in the studio to get a “rock” tone you are just wasting your time. All the greats have done the hard work, and the answer is already there.

Are you planning on making a signature left handed for all of us lefties out here??
A: I would honestly rather Gibson offer more left handed options than to give me a custom model. The LP standard and Custom are my 2 favorite guitars. If they ever offered me a chance to make a custom I would be flattered but I would rather them just not charge me 2 times the amount of money because I am left handed! So many other companies have offered us guitars at a discounted price but Gibson guitars speak to me and I am committed.

Do you play any other instruments?
A: I play the drums. Actually everyone in Man Overboard is a drummer.

What’s the song 210B named after?
A: The apartment that Nik and a few of our close friends use to live in. Its the apartment next to Nik’s studio. It has a ton of history and is still our home base. We actually do all of our mail order out of there now.

And last but not least, Bill Matz ask: Why are you a naysayer?
A: Because I’m not a poser

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Every week we’re doing a Q&A with a different member of the band… heres Zac’s answers from this week.

BAND MEMBER: Zachary Ross Eisenstein // Vocals & Guitar

What do you like to do to kill time during tour?
A: Listen to music, try and make my band laugh, play video games and read comics digitally. watch the wwe network on my phone.

What bands would you want to tour with for your next tour?
A: green day afi coheed blink 182 offspring weezer

What are the reasons behind some of your tattoos?
A: I have an “R” on my leg for my neighborhood Ramblewood a bunch of my friends have it too. I have one for my parents two to represent my duel citizenship between America and Canada, a “real talk” one and a few just for fun.

Who is your biggest hero in life?
A: Rivers Cuomo.

Do you wear backpacks even though they dont serve any functional purpose?
A: They do for me! I live out of like three normally on tour. I love wearing them and getting new ones I just think they rule.

What’s the last song you had stuck in your head?
A: Rude by MAGIC!

Would u ever do a song with Rone??
A: I have done a few! We are good friends I love what he does and I think its just a matter of finding a way to release our stuff together that would work best for both of us.

What do you like to do with your free time?
A: Play videogames. I hang with my friends a lot. they come over, we smoke and chill. I hang with my dog we sit outback all day and people watch. Chill with my girlfriend just take it easy.

When is your birthday?
A: February 20

What kind of gear do you use live?
A: Not a Tom Delonge strat but my own strat with a humbucker. A tele with an EMG and I play out of a VOX AC-30

What is your all time favorite blink 182 song?
A: Waggy

When did you first start singing?
A: I have always been a loud person..

What were you like at 16?
A: Angry, punk. I wore spikes and chains on everything. Only black. I was depressed though I shouldn’t have been. The colorful side of me had yet to bloom I would say. Or it was in remission.

Paper or bongs?
A: Theres a time for everything.

Do you pee in the shower?
A: It has happened.

How did you gain so much swag?
A: do the opposite of everyone.

Do you know hebrew?
A: nope.

Whats your favorite video game?
A: too many thats insane. I have been playing games for over 20 years.

Who’s your favorite current and all time WWE superstar or diva?
A: Current- Stardust
All time- Sting, Stone Cold, Undertaker, HBK.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
A: Havent really had many to be honest. The stage makes me feel the opposite of embarrassed.

Do  you even lift?
A: No.

Can you kick flip?
A: Not since I was like 12 and only for like a month.

Did you fight your brother when you were a child?
A: I have an older sister. We always got along pretty well to be honest.

Do you eat ass?
A: Not the first thing I think about doing in bed no.

If you could have a monkey, would you?

A: No too much trouble and I would go insane caring for it.

Would you ever bring flip on tour?
A: No he would not like it and he would also miss his mommy.

Boxers or briefs?
A: Boxer briefs from Hollister

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