Back in February we shot a video for “Dead End Dreams” off the new self-titled album. We finally got it all put together and are stoked to announce this series of events leading to its ultimate premiere on MTVbuzzworthy.

RIGHT NOW: Video Shoot Pictures Now Up On
MAY 29th: Behind-The-Scenes Video On Property Of Zack
JUNE 5th: Video Premieres On MTV Buzzworthy

The video was shot in Philadelphia and New Jersey back in February by Rob Soucy. You might not be familiar with his name but he has made some amazing music videos for Defeater, Make Do And Mend and more… He’s also a great guitar player, see Gun’s Up “All This Is” EP as well as some First Blood and Black My Heart stuff.

Anyways, I’m getting off the topic… The video was inspired in part by the “Same Old Story” video by Pennywise. We shot the skateboarding shots in Philly at FDR, broad/oregon septa stop, First Unitarian church, South Street, Broad Street and Love Park among others. The live stuff was shot at the 1619 House in Williamstown, NJ. For those of you not familiar with this house, it is where we grew up going to many shows. Alan, the owner has been doing shows there forever and is a great supporter of punk music… many many thanks to him for opening his house to us. You should all go check out The Early November video that was shot in there!

For those of you who know our band and the city of Philadelphia both pretty well you can pick out a few really cool subtle things we included… like a skate by of the house “Montrose” takes place is (1535 montrose), the spot our album cover photo was taken, Repo Records and our favorite vege restaurant in Philly, Govindas.

Also, a massive thank you to Ryan Starr, the skateboarder in the video. He was an awesome sport the entire day and killed it. He’s out in California right now doing an internship to best of luck to him this summer!

For now check out these screen shots from the video… POZ video next week!

Another big thank you to James Corbi, Brandon Wood and Delia Mello for acting in the video… and of course a big thanks to everyone who came to the “house show” shoot. xoxo