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Joe Talarico // Drummer // Man Overboard


Who’s your biggest inspiration for drumming?

A: Neil Peart, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, Max Weinberg, Cyrus Bolooki, Travis Barker, Taylor Hawkins, Ron Welty, Pete Parada, Abe Cunningham, Vinnie Paul Abbott, Ben Koller, etc. It’s difficult narrowing it down to one.


Favorite band growing up? And what got you into music?

A: Nirvana, The Offspring, Green Day, Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Rush, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and the Experience, Metallica, Pearl Jam, etc.  My uncle helped get me into playing by allowing me to use his drums whenever I was around. He showed me some of the things he figured out by ear, as well as the traditional style he learned in high school. From there, I started jamming with friends until I could find my own drum kit, learned more from what my uncle taught me once I got to high school and started looking for bands to play in soon after.


Would you ever dye your hair pink? How do you keep your hair looking so shiny?! how often do you put your hair in a bun?

A:  (1) Pink? For a bet, maybe. Otherwise, don’t think so. (2) It’s just naturally like that. The only thing I do is wash it, nothing else. (3) I’ve only attempted a couple times since it’s been this long, but not often.


Why are you so quiet? (not that its a problem)

A: I couldn’t tell you, I’m just not that loud.


What do you order at Chipotle?

A: A chicken burrito (sometimes veggie), mild salsa, a little cheese, corn, lettuce a guacamole.


Best or worst tour experience?

A: Best experience was last year during the GK tour. We had an off day where half of everyone on the tour went to an airsoft facility. Had a great time and looking forward to a 2nd round if we get the chance.


Beer of choice?

A: I don’t drink that often and no real preference when I do.


Favorite gaming console? and Games?

A: Currently, PlayStation 4 with The Last Of Us: Remastered, COD: Ghosts and the Destiny beta was fun while it lasted.


Favorite Movie? 

A: Taxi Driver. Robert De Niro is badass.


Favorite fictional character in a book or movie?

A: Sandor Clegane (aka The Hound, or Dog) from A Song of Ice and Fire series.


Favorite venue to play?

A: Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA is always sweet.


What would you do if someone dove into your kit?

A: It might seem cool at the moment, but I’d be pretty bummed if the kit was destroyed.

Man Overboard & Lost Tape Collective present The Heart Attack Tour – Europe/UK leg!

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Tickets go on sale Friday, August 8th at 10AM

01.11 – Tessenderlo, BL @ Tessloo (Tickets)

02.11 – Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo Kelder (Tickets)

03.11 – Koln, DE @ MTC (Tickets)

04.11 – Berlin, DE @ Comet (Tickets)

05.11 – Krakow, PL @ Off Kijow Klub (No Advance Tickets)

06.11 – Vienna, AT @ B72 (Tickets)

08.11 – Milan, IT @ Assago Live Forum (Tickets)

09.11 – Luzern, CH @ Treibhaus (No Advance Tickets)

10.11 – Stuttgart, DE @ Juha West (Tickets)

11.11 – Paris, FR @ Batofar (Tickets)

13.11 – London, UK @ Underworld (Tickets)

14.11 – Leicester, UK @ Scholar Bar (Tickets)

15.11 – Manchester, UK @ NQ Live/Pink Swear Fest (Tickets)

16.11 – Wolverhampton, UK @ Slade Rooms (Tickets)

17.11 – Cardiff, UK @ Clwb Ifor Bach (Tickets)

18.11 – Newcastle, UK @ Think Tank (Tickets)

19.11 – Glasgow, UK @ Audio (Tickets)

20.11 – Leeds, UK @ Cockpit (Tickets)

21.11 – Bristol, UK @ Exchange (Tickets)

22.11 – Liverpool, UK @ East Village Arts Centre (Tickets)

24.11 – Dublin, IR @ Fibber Magees (Tickets)

25.11 – Belfast, UK @ Sub Bar (Tickets)

If you could name one cat after someone in the band, what would it be?

A: I’d name the cat in honor of our very own, Nik Bruzzese and called the cat “Breezy”


What Harry Potter house would you be in? 

A: Hard to say… not Slytherin


Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character?

A: Probably Hermione… she always has a plan A and a plan B… i respect that.


Have you been to the Wizard World of HP in Orlando?

A: Yes, its whatever. Go to the Leavesden Studios outside of London if you can. It’s the studios where they filmed the movies.. they made it into a museum and its 1000000 times better than Florida…


Favorite place you have traveled to? 

A: We played in Thailand last year in Bangkok and that was pretty wild… we had some friends there which made it extra cool. Earlier this year I went to Croatia for a few days and that was absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend going there! Zadar is the spot!


Did you listen to punk music growing up? 

A: Yes, it started with mainstream “punk” bands like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. I went to Warped Tour 2001 and was given a backstage pass by chance. I watched The Bouncing Souls and then got into Rancid, AFI, Anti-Flag, etc etc etc


Most memorable moment on tour? 

A: We’ve gotten to see some pretty strange places with holds a certain amount of appeal in my heart but it’s also amazing to play somewhere like New Jersey or Philadelphia where I grew up going to shows. It’s all cool to me!


What guitars do you use? When did you learn guitar?

A: Mainly, I use a 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom (tobacco burst) and a 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop. But in Man Overboard I’ve also used a 1971 Gibson SG and a 2000′s era Fender Jazzmaster. My favorite is the gold top. I started learning guitar in 4th grade when I got a guitar for Christmas from my parents.


What pedals do you use? 

A: I use a boss tuner, boss dd7 delay, a tube screamer and a phase90… sometimes I add in another one or two but I’ve been keeping it basic… Wayne is the true pedal guy.


Best advice for a local band looking to tour?

A: Practice practice practice… make friends with bands from out of stage and trade shows… start small, weekend tours… Have a demo out, have a small amount of CD’s and merch. Grow at a comfortable pace… and if you have singings that play instruments, bring your own mic stands!


Have you ever been to Spain? 

A: Yes! Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo! All are sweet…. would go again!


Why don’t you have an Instagram?

A: I do! Its @justinglencollier


Favorite song to perform live? 

A: I really like playing Atlas, Dylans Song and They Don’t Make Em Like They Use To.


Why is Poland so cool?

A: They have zapiekanka’s! Google it!


How many polos do you own? What are you wearing now? 

A: too many… ralph lauren.


How stressful is it to T.M. and play in the band? 

A: I am use to it but I enjoy working and being busy so it’s all gravy


Most embarrassing thing you have done?

A: On stage? We play Worcester at the Palladium Upstairs and I had my foot on the monitor, rocking out like a true rocker does… then my foot slipped and I whipped out on my knee’s like a total nerd.


Have you ever thought of playing any other types of music?

A: Zac and I use to play in a hardcore band called History. You can download the EP for free at


Thanks for the questions!